Canada Goose Women’s Fit Trillium Parka

Canada Goose is a Canadian outdoor clothing company who uses real coyote fur as trim on the hoods of their parkas. Despite the fact that the majority of Canadians abhor the use of fur, Canada Goose actually celebrates the trapping and killing of wildlife for unnecessary, decorative fur trim.

In an effort to sway the public, Canada Goose has a “fur policy.” Unfortunately the statements made in this “policy” are not intended to inform the discussion on fur, but rather misinform the public with the sole purpose of carrying on with ‘business as usual’. Canada Goose Women’s Fit Trillium Parka Most Canadians already know that the fur trade is inherently violent, and that fur products derived from this violence are also inherently frivolous. However, in an effort to combat the slick PR messaging employed by Canada Goose, we have taken the liberty of deconstructing their “fur policy” point by point.

CLAIM: “Activist groups often portray old-fashioned steel-toothed leg-hold traps, but these are now only found in museums. Modern foothold traps can restrain animals with little or no injuries.”


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With a subtly cinched waist, sleek design and mid-thigh length, the Trillium Parka is designed to offer the best in extreme weather protection while still flattering a woman s form. With a classic aesthetic, this parka is perfect for casual days in the city or for an outdoor adventure.

Probably your best bet would be Simons … especially on Boxing Day (December 26) … they “might” have them on sale for that.

However as you’ve probably discovered, canada goose outlet toronto are very expensive … are you sure you’d want to spend that kind of money for a 4 day holiday? Montreal and Canada in general are cold in winter, but the period you are here is not the coldest part of winter. Personally I don’t pull my Canada Goose out until January/February, and rarely need it in the city. Dress in layers, with waterproof lined boots, warm gloves and hat.

Any of the main department canada goose outlet store vancouver downtown will have winter clothing – La Baie (Hudson’s Bay Co.), Simons, Ogilivy, etc.