Canada Goose: it’s nice to be admired, but

With the freezing cold that we know in the beginning of the week, there is no doubt that you released your hottest gear to not turn you into ice sculpture. Why to sound crazy in the winter when you can be warm and have style? Canada Goose has grasped this concept making of nice warm ultras jackets with goose feathers fluff designed to deal with the extreme conditions of the winter. To give you an idea, Canada Goose jackets were made previously for expeditions in the Arctic. For 3 years now, it’s madness, and the success of this company is global. Canada Goose is the Cadillac in the warm coat with very high prices that border the $ 500 to $ 700. Demand for these coats is so strong that it is difficult to get them in the store with the color and the size of our choice. Since they are Canada goose Outlet manufactured in Toronto, production is limited and stores only fill up as fast as demand.
That’s why many are turning to the Web to quickly find a Canada Goose to their taste, and. By doing a quick search, I have seen that there are a variety of models available Canada goose Sale for purchase on the Internet. Prices seem much cheaper than in-store (up to 60% off) and it’s tempting to want to buy. However, what you know, it is that Canada Goose parka online does not sell directly to the consumer and done business with dealers such as Atmosphere, La Cordée and Altitude Sports. However, there are several fake sites that pretend to be the official site by selling of fake coats made in Asia. The quality of the counterfeit jackets is very questionable and does not guarantee to be warm during the winter. If you buy on these sites, we endorse criminal groups, it also runs the risk of never receive the mantle. In addition, Canada Goose has no need to sell at a discount because demand far outstrips supply. So she didn’t need to liquidate unsold merchandise. I am therefore announcing that it is impossible to find a TRUE discount Internet NEW Canada goose Sale, unless it was stolen. You can of course buy coats used on sites like kijiji, but nothing you assure the veracity of the coat and whether it was stolen or not. So be evidence of distrust if you wish to purchase a canada goose kensington parka women on the Web.

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canada goose womens parka

When a company is facing a problem of infringement on the Internet, it must react! Canada Goose is a good example with its public relations program: it’s nice to be admired but… where she shows it’s good you want to be admired for a mark, provided that it is true. On the site, we have access to the list of scam sites identified by the company. In addition, there are differences between the real and fake Canada Goose coats. The company also granted Cheap Canada goose interviews to the media to denounce this scourge and to warn consumers. If you want to buy a coat, think about the traps that I mentioned to you and buy from an authorized dealer.

Question for you: Canada Goose does not sell online because it sells through retailers. If the company decided to offer the opportunity for consumers to purchase directly on their site as their main competitor, The North Face for example, do you think there will be less or more than counterfeiting?